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About Us

Raven Pest is the genesis of many years of experience, research, and education in the pest control industry. After years of watching some of the same problems with technicians and complaints from customers go unanswered it became clear that a new path had to be forged. We were baffled why no company took the initiative given so many around to become the best option around. As it would turn out, nearly every "independent" pest control company in the area is owned by one of the three giant corporations. Customers like you needed relief from an uncaring unmoving corporate structure that was only interested in the dollars coming in. We think back to a simpler time when companies were part of their community. That said, we will examine any pest problem with any customer, even outside of our service range, to identify the best solution available. Even if we are not that solution. Pest Control should be simple. Hire us, problem solved.

For a deeper dive into how we operate, watch the interview below from our friend Joe Prindle at Homesmart Connect Real Estate.

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