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Specialty Pest and Animal Services

All specialty bed bug, termite, and animal services require a no cost detailed inspection before pricing can be established. All animal control projects do not use cages and are guaranteed not to harm the animal during removal.

Termite Control

Liquid barrier treatments, bait installation, and preventative baiting.
Wood Destroying Insect Reports for real estate sales are always only $100, accepted for FHA and VA financing.

At Raven Pest we are equipped to perform traditional liquid termite treatments using industry leading products to prevent or eliminate active termite infestations. Termite baiting is one of our flagship services, our exterior stations require very little maintenance and are guaranteed to protect against termite activity. The active ingredient in our termite bait stations will be carried back to the colony by foraging worker termites, so not only does it protect your property, it eliminates the entire colony.


Bed Bug Control

Surgical room to room treatment

We use tried and true methods and the most advanced products in the industry. Bed bugs are more likely than any other insect to resist insecticide, so we guarantee to use no less than 3 cutting edge active ingredients to guarantee elimination. Most bed bug treatments show no activity on the follow up service after treatment.


Animal Removal Services

Control for skunks, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and anything else that might be where it shouldn't

All our animal removal projects are tailored to the specific problems and conditions on a property to keep prices low and solutions easy. We not only remove the animal but repair the damage that allowed them in, so the problem never resurfaces. We believe all wild animals have a right to live (in the proper habitat) and never trap or euthanize animals.

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Animal Barrier Services

Permanent solutions to animals that dig

Especially common in Fall, animals like skunks and chipmunks are prone to burrow under decks and front patios. They undermine brick and cause it to sink, and skunks near the home can spray people, animals, and seep their aroma into a home. Some mouse infestations originate from underground. For this reason we install a permanent underground PVC coated steel mesh animal barrier. Deep enough so animals cannot get under it, it creates a permanent solution to burrowing animals that can be installed so near ground level it is completely invisible.

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