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Mosquito Control Services


One Time Mosquito Treatments

Starting at $125 per treatment

One Time mosquito treatments are best for parties, special events, holidays, or when things just get out of hand around your property and you need somebody to put mosquitos in their place. Pricing is relative to the size of the property we are treating but starts at $125 and is guaranteed for one week.

Now with additional fogging, at no extra charge!

Seasonal Mosquito Plans

Starting at $45 per treatment

Seasonal Mosquito plans are the first line of defense for your property. Whether it is to alleviate risks of contracting illness from mosquitos or ticks or simply just to enjoy the outdoors in peace, the impact of our flea tick and mosquito treatments is instantaneous. We only use the most advanced products field tested right here on the worst infestations. We offer bimonthly, weekly and monthly plans based on property size. Contact us for your personalized quote.
Now with additional fogging, at no extra charge!

Mosquito Control Bundles

Minimum savings of 10%

All of our services are eligible for bundle discounts. Not only do you save an average of 10% on your mosquito plan, you have the potential to save on additional plans as well. Not sure you want to commit to a whole season? You don't have to! Cancel anytime after a trial period and you may be eligible to keep the discount on other services that remain active.

Mosquito: Services
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