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General Pest Control Services


One Time Services


Quarterly Pest Plans


Monthly Pest Plans


One time services are recommended for issues that are unlikely to require a return visit. Problems like wasp and hornet nests are the most likely one time services we do. Some other insect problems are good candidates such as exterior ant colonies. All one time services are guaranteed for 30 days.

$100 Per Quarter For Residential

Quarterly Services are our most popular plan and recommended option for most issues. Quarterly plans have the best value for customers with a full guarantee for any issue between quarterly checkups. If any issues arise outside of regular service times, we will address them for no charge. You can also bundle with other services like mosquito for additional discounts.

$50 Per Month For Residential

Monthly Service Plans are preferable over quarterly for some situations. Commercial accounts such as restaurants will usually be monthly service due to the greater need for inspections. Some larger properties will get better results through monthly service, and some pest problems such as cockroach infestations respond better to monthly visits. Like all our pest control plans, Monthly service agreements have a free retreatment guarantee.

General Pest: Services
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